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This form is used for when we receive your warranty product back to our warehouse, we will not contact you before we receive it. Once we receive the product it usually takes 1-3 Business days for us to ship it back out. (Depending on stock) We ask that you pay for shipping to us and we will provide shipping back to the customer. We recommend using USPS Priority mail. UPS and Fedex charge 3x as much.
Located at the bottom of the whip

Please fill the warranty claim out and send your product back to 

Aces Racing

720 W Katella Ave 

Orange, CA 92867

Warranty Replacement Whip

Skip the warranty Process! Instead of sending your whip back to us for inspection you can simply buy a new one at a heavily discounted price. This is for the whip and flag only. Remote, and quick connect will not be included. Your 1 Year Warranty will start when you bought your previous whip. This replacement service is only available 1 Time for each whip and must be within the 1 Year Warranty Window. Aces Racing reserves the right to deny any claim. 

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