Warranty Registration

New Warranty Beginning 11/01/19

Register your Whip!

If you forget to register it immediately after purchase, that is ok! Just make sure to complete the online warranty registration before contacting us, in regards to filing a warranty claim.

Aces Racing proudly offers a One Year (12-Month) Manufacturer Defect Warranty. If your whip is acting up, and you can't figure out why - Let us know! Simply submit a Warranty Claim , send the product back for inspection and tell us what happened. If your warranty claim is approved, we will repair or replace the product and ship it back out to you free of charge.  

NOTE: Altering the item will void the one year manufacturer defect warranty. This includes but is not limited to the following; cutting wires on the controller, shortening of the whips, running an oversize flag, improper installation, etc. Aces Racing Whips are water resistant and durable, built to withstand use in rugged environments, but unfortunately fully submerging your whips in ponds, rivers, swamps, and lakes will void its manufacturer defect warranty. 

Breaks and Other Damages Caused by Customer:

We get it... Stuff Happens!!!

Which is why we are now offering coverage for broken whips or wear and tear damage! If you crash, roll-over, run into your garage, or cause any other damage to the whip and/or other parts, Aces Racing will replace the whip, or parts, for 50% of the retail price of the whip, or other product parts, plus shipping. Simply submit a claim, send the product back, pay 1/2 price for your BRAND NEW product, and we'll ship it to you in three business days or less!